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  • 1. Instructions For Use
    a) Browse the Category page for the specific products or items to view the individual products according to Product ID, brand, description, images and the prices. You can even search an item or product according to the product code, description or brand. Once product or item is found, it will be displayed in the List Item page.

    b) In the List Item page, select the item for purchase, Tick the checkbox and Click the Add to Cart button (at the right of each available item) with the desired quantity. The Shopping Cart will be displayed showing the item(s) added. At this point, you may cancel or modify your order.

    c) To modify, click the "Remove" link if you need to reduce quantity or delete selected product(s) entirely from your shopping cart. The item will be deleted from your cart and the new information will be displayed.

    d) To re-enter the desired quantity, browse the same product(s) again and enter the top-up quantity to be added to the previous quantity. Then, click "Add to cart" to verify the new desired quantity. You can see the selected products corresponding to their quantity and grand total purhases at this display.

    e) Click the "Browse Items" button to add more items. You will be returned to the previous category you were browsing. At this point, you may still cancel or modify your order by clicking the View Cart at the bottom of the navigation menu.

    f) Click Checkout button once the items you have selected and confirm the items purchase . You will then be taken to the page which prompt you to supply your username and password to log in. At this point, you may still cancel or modify your order by clicking "Browse items" button at the bottom of the navigation menu, or by using the Back button in your browser.

    g) For registered customer, you need to supply the correct username and password to login before the system allows you to proceed with your payment purchase. Alternatively, you can also login to the shopping system first and then start your shopping purchase.

    h) For unregistered customer, you are required to register with us before you can proceed to make the purchases. All you need to do is to click the "Register" button and fill up all the required particulars within the form. Subsequently, you can then proceed with the purchase transaction with your chosen username and password.

    i) The payment term for our online shopping is C.O.D. Once you submit your information by clicking on the Confirm button, your transaction will be shown on the preview page. In the preview page, you can verify your orders before making a final confirmation. Once you have confirmed your orders, you can submit your order by clicking "Submit Order" button.

    j) You will see an online receipt with the words "Transaction Successful." An email copy will be sent to you and our sales department to follow up on your order. You may print and keep a copy of both the online receipt for your records. If you have purchased items for pick-up, you must bring the email receipt and photo identification to the pick-up location in order to claim your purchase (applicable to Singapore only). Upon completing your order, the purchase information will be forwarded to Mellon Commercial Pte Ltd to follow up on the order.

    2. Other Operating Systems/Browsers
    The instructions that appear on the Order page are platform and browser specific. Depending on your operating system (Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.), your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) and mouse, your process may vary.
    Contact Mellon Commercial(see Contact Us) for assistance if you need help on the online shopping feature.

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